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Hi! I’m Nicole a professional eater, been doing it since I was a baby. While kids were ordering mac & cheese I opted for surf and turf.

Turkey Day -Age 3

I don’t eat to live but LIVE TO EAT! I’m not a Chef nor a Journalist so take this blog for what it is –my personal opinions on the food adventures I experience around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond…in layman’s terms. You’ll also find pictures and recipes of food my husband Mike prepares at home and on rare occasions I’ll even take a stab at making a few dishes.

If you would like to recommend a restaurant or recipe email me:
bayfoodie at yahoo dot com



Mike – the cook & wine guy


Edison Рthe dog          (RIP 2017)


Product Reviews:  I will at times accept free product samples for review purposes which will be noted in applicable posts. The opinions given are my own and may differ from others but were not influenced by the companies providing the products.

Restaurant Reviews:  I pay for ALL the food I consume unless explicitly stated.

Content Use Policy:  All text, images and video contained within this site is property of Nicole W. (AKA -Bay Area Foodie) and may not be reproduced or distributed in whole or part without written permission. If you would like to use any materials from this site please email me.

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