Sprinkles Cupcake Challenge & Rankings

You’ve heard me discuss my Sprinkles obsession in the past. Now I’m taking it to a whole new level. There are 23 regularly featured Sprinkles cupcakes plus 17 seasonal and I am on a mission to try them all! My plan is to go once a month to the Palo Alto store and buy no more than 6 flavors at a time. By my calculation it will take me 12 months to accomplish the task of eating all 40. Are you up for the challenge? Join me! MISSION COMPLETED SEPT 2009 but when new flavors are introduced I add them to the list.

I adore these cupcakes but all are not created equal. Here is how I rank them…

  1. Red Velvet – super moist, the light chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting are perfect complements
  2. Banana – very moist, bananalicious!
  3. Brown Sugar Praline* –  best seasonal cake, fantastically crunchy and sweet, should be a regular flavor
  4. S’more* – simply genius… the graham cracker bottom is divine & the gooey marshmallow finger lickin’ good, pls make it a regular flavor!
  5. “The King” (banana cake/peanut butter frosting)* – I’m all shook up… the peanut butter was like skippy, needs to be a regular flavor
  6. Strawberry – hint o’ strawberry is lovely
  7. Peanut butter chocolate – soft chips, moist cake, flavors remind me of a See’s Milk chocolate Bordeaux candy
  8. Maple bacon* – they didn’t skimp on the bacon and it’s real not that fake bac-0 bits stuff
  9. Lemon – yummy light lemon flavor, dense cake
  10. Lemon meringue* – like S’more subtract chocolate add lemon
  11. Pumpkin – awesome cinnamon frosting
  12. Eggnog spice* – eggnog frosting rocks
  13. Cuban coffee* – just enough spice and great coffee flavor
  14. Salty caramel* – good caramel flavor frosting, salt on top is nice
  15. Lemon blueberry* – think blueberry muffin w/ lemon frosting – another good morning treat
  16. Triple cinnamon – advertised as a cinnamon roll, tasted more like a snickerdoodle cookie
  17. Almond dark chocolate* – flavor of a poppyseed muffin minus the seeds. I wish it didn’t have sliced almonds in it.
  18. Vanilla milk chocolate – a classic cupcake
  19. Cinnamon sugar – a cupcake with NO frosting, great for breakfast
  20. Green tea* – very flavorful NEW
  21. German chocolate* – cool chunky frosting, wish it tasted more coco-nutty
  22. Flourless chocolate*- dense yet moist, similar to a super rich chocolate brownie
  23. Orange – similar to lemon but with orange flavor
  24. Vanilla peppermint* – great combo,very festive
  25. Peanut butter chip – creamy cake, like a mouthful of peanut butter
  26. Key Lime* – very subtle lime flavor initially but has a zesty finish
  27. Orange cranberry* – tasty combo
  28. Raspberry* – solid cupcake, nice raspberry flavor
  29. Milk chocolate – not overly chocolaty
  30. Dark chocolate – didn’t think I was going to like this since I prefer milk chocolate but it was good w/ a glass of milk
  31. Caramel apple* – didn’t get any real caramel apple flavors, just spice
  32. Gingerbread* – tis the season  NEW
  33. Irish Chocolate* – wish the frosting had more Baileys flavor
  34. Vanilla hazelnut chocolate* – if you think this is going to taste like nutella…you’re wrong
  35. Chocolate marshmallow – like a ding dong but needs more marshmallow
  36. Sprinkle – for 10 yrs I expected more.  NEW
  37. Vegan red velvet – if u want a coconut cupcake get this- if u want red velvet …don’t 
  38. Pistachio* – bland NEW
  39. Coconut – great coconut frosting, cake a bit dry though
  40. Raspberry chocolate chip* – nice combo but cake was dry
  41. Vanilla- sprinkles on top were too sweet
  42. Ginger maple* – nice frosting, too much ginger
  43. Chai latte – herbal flavor with spice frosting
  44. Chocolate coconut- dry cake, didn’t like dark chocolate frosting
  45. Carrot- if you like carrot cake, you’ll like this (I’m not a fan)
  46. Ginger lemon – good on their own but a weird combo
  47. Mocha – had high hopes for this – very good mocha flavor but with the choc cake was just bla
  48. Apple cinnamon* – apple chunks…no bueno NEW
  49. Banana chocolate – the chocolate frosting masks the banana cake
  50. Neapolitan* – just tastes like chocolate  
  51. Lemon coconut – dry,dry,dry
  52. Chocolate peppermint* – too much chocolate
  53. Choco loco* – cinnamon and chocolate is not my favorite combo
  54. Black & White – really bland
  55. Margarita* – tasted like salt
  56. Summer Cherry* – tasted like cough syrup
  57. Red Hot Velvet* – frosting tasted/smelled like Dentyne gum (which I despise) & overpowered the cake

    *seasonal/ limited edition flavors / secret menu

How about you? Which flavors make you drool? Leave a comment or two…
General findings:

  • The cake to frosting ratio is not consistent. The cupcakes are all the same height but sometimes there is lots of cake and a thin layer of frosting other times less cake and tons of frosting. I guess the discrepancies have to be attributed to the bakers/frosters. On our first trip we had an abundance of frosting the second trip the amount was just right.
  • Eat the cupcakes the day you purchase, they really don’t taste as good the next day.

Note: As I continue to devour Sprinkles cupcakes (& gain weight) this list will be updated. For quick access to this list in the future look for the banner below on my sidebar:

Not familiar with Sprinkles? Where have you been? j/k  See this past post.

Update August 2009: You may have noticed recently that Sprinkles each week has been tweeting about secret cupcakes (that only exist for a day and in small qtys) composed by mixing their regular flavors. For example: vanilla & peanut butter or strawberry w/ choc — I WILL NOT be trying all these. I would probably drop dead.

Proof that I actually ate all these cupcakes

Round 1: peanut butter choc, red velvet, banana w/ choc, coconut, strawberry, banana

Round 2: lemon, caramel apple, carrot, choc coconut, peanut butter chip, vanilla


Round 3: ginger maple, pumpkin, lemon coconut, orange cranberry, choc marshmallow, milk choc

Round 4

Round 4: eggnog spice,vanilla peppermint,vanilla milk choc,choc peppermint,B&W

red hot velvet, cinnamin sugar, ginger lemon,dark choc

Round 5: red hot velvet,cinnamon sugar, ginger lemon,dark choc


Round 6: irish chocolate


Round 7: brown sugar praline, flourless chocolate


Round 8: mocha & choco loco

round 9

Round 9: key lime & chai latte

round 10: lemon blueberry

Round 10: lemon blueberry

round 11

Round 11: summer cherry

round 12: raspberry

Round 12: raspberry

round 13 almond dark chocolate & orange

Round 13: orange & almond dark chocolate

round 14: vanilla hazelnut chocolate

Round 14: vanilla hazelnut chocolate

Round 15 (new flavor May 2010): Salty Caramel

Round 16: “The King” (new flavor Jan 2011)

Round 17: German Chocolate (new flavor Jan 2011)

Round 18: Raspberry chocolate chip (new flavor  Feb 2011)

Round 19: S’more (charity cupcake by Blake Lively Jan 2012)

Round 20: vegan red velvet,triple cinnamon, cuban coffee (new flavor April 2013)

eound 21: neapolitan (secret menu), margarits - May 2013

Round 21: neapolitan (secret menu), margarita – May 2013


Round 22: Lemon meringue (new July 2013)


Round 23: Maple bacon (new Sept 2013)


Round 24 : Gingerbread

Round 25: Apple Cinnamon

Round 25: Apple Cinnamon 

Round 26: Sprinkle

Round 26: Sprinkle

Round 27: Pistachio

Round 27: Pistachio

Round 28: Green Tea

Round 28: Green Tea


16 Responses

  1. I tried a few cupcakes at Sprinkles but the red velvet is a definite winner! I’m craving the red velvet again and I think I’ll be making a trip to Sprinkles tomorrow. However, I’m looking forward to trying the strawberry and banana but I have to go on a day when they are available.


  2. My favorite is the peanut butter chip…delicious!!

  3. Best of luck with the challenge! My favorite happens to be the lemon coconut one….apart from chocolate coconut and irish chocolate of course!

  4. I am both proud and ashamed to say I have tried all of the Sprinkles flavors except the chai and peanut butter chip. After living in LA for a few years I frequented the store in Beverly Hills more than I care to admit to.

  5. I’m eager to try the irish chocolate…i love my bailey’s…

  6. I loved the carrot and Carmel apple but I also love carrot and spice cake!! I’m not a big fan of the cupcakes with dark chocolate — it always seems to overpower the other flavors. The banana is just amazing!!! Reminds me of my wedding cake.

  7. The ginger maple is awesome!! Wonderful ginger flavor with a hint of maple in the frosting.

  8. Hey – they make “green” velvet for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s as good as red!

  9. I’m adicted…and make them at home with Sprinkles mix from Williams-Sonoma!


  10. Hilleary – we too make the mix and they do turn out well. They keep adding more flavors. I just picked up a banana!

  11. First, LOVE your blog.

    Second, Love sprinkles cupcakes, but man, I don’t know how you managed to try each and every one of those!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sprinkles Cupcakes! Kid of late on the contest, but SPrinkles are the best. Check out their Twitter: http://twitter.com/SprinklesMobile. I work in SF but went to school in LA, so I don’t get to frequent them as often, but they come to SF every once and a while!!

  13. Hi, I’m just wondering if Sprinkles comes up with new flavors…will you continue to try them? I hope you do b/c you are so far the only one who has tasted every flavor and I trust your opinions.

  14. Absolutely! Any new flavors I will be trying!

  15. you need to try the vegan red velvet – the cake is a little bit more dense but still super moist and just a hint of coconut in the frosting

    so good, maybe better than the regular one

    also, agreed about brown sugar praline (back next month!) and banana

  16. Ross -I had no idea that the vegan red velvet would taste different. I will try when I go next month for my praline and s’more fix! Thanks!

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