Oxbow Public Market

Mike & I took a trip to Napa May 8-11. Our weekend started off with a visit to the Oxbow Public Market. It is a new market in downtown Napa (very similar to the Ferry Building in SF). I had first heard about this establishment when reading the January 2008 Food & Wine Magazine 100 best. It was #29 and listed as Napa’s best Market. We were going on a picnic so we stopped by to pick up some eats. What we found was a snazzy building filled with restaurants, wine shops, butchers, bakers and a fantastic cheese merchant. On the outside was about 4 farmers market stands. I was expecting a lot more. Hopefully on the weekends (it was a Thursday) they have a bigger selection of produce. It’s a great start and looks like more will be coming soon.

Website: http://www.oxbowpublicmarket.com/index.htm


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  1. Hi,

    The Napa Farmer’s Markets are on Tuesday and Saturday. The one on Tuesday is usually the larger one of the two (not really sure why), but it’s been a while since I’ve been there on Tuesday morning (stupid work…) It’s now held in the parking lot of Oxbow (in years past, it used to be across the street in the other parking lot).


    Oxbow does have its Oxbow Farmstands which is like a mini-farmer’s market everyday, but you’re right in that the pickings are slim.


    Steve (over at NapaEats.com)

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