Penne with Triple Tomato Sauce

This was the first pasta sauce I have made where you throw everything in a Cuisinart — no stove top cooking involved. When finished it looked like a cream sauce, yet no dairy was added. It was simple and flavorful. Perfect for a hot summer night. This was one of the “30 best fast recipes” featured in the Sept. issue of Food & Wine mag.

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2 Responses

  1. We’ve always done pasta like that in the cold manner – With German & Italian sausages, hot and sweet.

    For the ones of your sort, we usually heat the sauce in high (bottled) for 1 minute (in waterbath), boil the hot pasta and serve it topped with applemint and extra virgin olive oil.

    Bottled sauces are nice, but it’ll be better if you create a more personalized basic tomato sauce.

    Nice cooking method you have there. =)
    Keep impressing people!

  2. voncook – thanks for the comment! I just tried another cold tomato pasta sauce tonight that I will add to the site soon.

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