Food Blogging Award

Fellow food blogger, Foong, over at The Food Site bestowed the Fabulous Food Blogger Award on me last week. The award was created by Jessie of The Hungry Mouse. Both have great blogs that I read regularly. I was honored to be recognized. Now, this post is not intended to pat myself on the back. I wanted to spread the love. I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce you to some additional food blogs that make me drool…

  1. the Good Mood Food blog – dude in Ireland that can do magic with a camera.
  2. off the (meat)hook – this blog leaves me hungry and laughing…
  3. culinary concoctions by peabody – insane baked goodies can be found here.
  4. Thursday Night Smackdown – Michelle serves up tasty dishes with a side of potty mouth.

Check them out. You’ll be happy you did!


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