New Orleans French Quarter Culinary History and Tasting Tour

When I heard there was a food tour of NOLA I was intrigued. This was a 3 hour walking tour (mostly inside!) that covers the rich culinary history of New Orleans. Here was our tour schedule:

1st stop – the historic Antoine’s where we received a tour of the many dining rooms as well as the kitchen.
Tastings: Gumbo creole (Louisiana gumbo with blue crabs, oysters, and gulf shrimp)
Crevettes remoulade
(boiled Louisiana shrimp served cold in Antoine’s remoulade dressing)

2nd stop – Supposed to be Leah’s pralines but it was closed on Sunday (we went back the next day and tried some)

3rd stopBrennan’s for a tour of the restaurant (no food)

4th stopKitchen Witch (new & used cook book store)

5th stopTony Seville’s Pirates Alley Cafe
Tasting: Rum cake

6th stopLa Divina Cafe
Tastings: Muffalino (twist on the classic Muffuletta sandwich – same ingredients but in panini form)
Coconut Gelato

7th stop: Creole Delicacies (small grocery)
Tastings: Pralines & Red Beans & Rice

8th stop: Tujague’s Restaurant
Tasting: Beef Brisket with Creole Sauce (horseradish ketchup)

The pics:

Overall Mike and I enjoyed all aspects of the tour especially the food. All the dishes were wonderful. Antoine’s deserves all the praise it gets and the muffalino is better in my opinion to the original Muffuletta. Our journey through the French Quarter led by a local former chef passed quickly and our tummies were full at the end. The concept of a food tour is brilliant. Being able to sample different cuisines at one time is awesome. Each major city should have one.



5 Responses

  1. The tour guide was great and he knew the shop owners and chefs personally so we were treated well. The owner of Creole Delicacies gave us a great history lesson on New Orleans food. Her red beans and rice were amazing. The shop is located in Jackson Square (just to the right of the Cathedral).

  2. A culinary trip to New Orleans is always a good idea!

    On your next visit you might also want to try Mother’s, a cafeteria style restaurant that’s very popular with the locals. Their dirty rice is amazing!

  3. We did make it to Mother’s but didn’t try the dirty rice. Next time…

  4. Amazing! Love how I feel like I just went!!! (so now I MUST go!!)

  5. Thank you so much for this blog post on New Orleans restaurants and cuisine. Even four years after Katrina the city is still in need of help, and bringing your tourist $$$ helps keep folks employed. My parents and in-laws still live on the Westbank, just on the other side of the river from the French Quarter. So many restaurants and so little time, the FQ does have many, next time venture out to some of the Uptown and Mid-City locals too. Magazine Street has many nice places too.

    CCR =:~)

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