Onion Goggles

I don’t know what it is about onions straight from the farm but those bad boys make me cry. They are soooo strong. Chop some up and our whole house smells for hours. Solution…the onion goggles. Mike and I were given a pair by the Useful Things Website and we both put them to the test (but you won’t see pictures of me!). We used them while preparing two onion heavy dishes and they really worked. Not a tear was shed and they are pretty comfy to wear (imagine sunglasses with foam around the edges). My only gripe was that my nose was still running. Mike said I’d need an onion mask to fix that. The package claims they are also fog free. I guess that comes in handy if you cook in the rain.

If you can handle looking a little corny (at least these match our kitchen) the onion goggles get the job done!

Pick up a pair from the Useful Things website


2 Responses

  1. They really do work!!

  2. I use these every time I cut onions now. It makes a huge different especially when using fresh onions from the garden.

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