Rachael Ray Kitchen Products

I’ve been collecting different Rachael Ray cookware and tools for a couple years. I think she puts a lot of thought into the pieces she produces. My favorite is the oval non-stick pasta pot. I swear my calphalon pot with insert takes 15 minutes for the water to bubble and when I’m hungry there is nothing I hate more than a pot that won’t boil. This RR pot is thin which allows the water to be bubbly in 5 minutes. I also like that the pot top has a little pour spout so you can easily drain the water without having to use a colander. Smart design.

When it comes to the tools I like them all. They feel like they are manufactured with quality materials. Mike wanted to get the tong set because he likes to use them when browning meat in a pan. With silicone covered tongs you don’t have to worry about scratching your cookware. I like the nylon spoons because they sit right on the pot/pan. I am notorious for dropping utensils on the floor while cooking. These allow our wood floors and counter tops to stay a little cleaner.

Thanks to CSN’s cookware.com for sending me the 2-Piece Tong Set & 2-Piece Nylon Turner Set.


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