It’s my 3 year Blogaversary!

Three years down… So this little blog that could keeps chuggin’ along.

What to look for in 2011 from Bay Area Foodie: Maui madness in March, a 5 year wedding anniversary French Laundry dinner in July (if I can get a reservation), 4th of July in Carmel and a Boston Bonanza in August. Plus, we’re trying to lose weight by exercising more (Goal =5k in October) and eating right (when not on vacation :cool:) so I’m subscribing to Cooking Light Magazine. Get ready for some healthy recipes.

I’m gonna leave you with my favorite photo of this month. Edison in much anticipation of eating his first “new and improved” Sprinkles doggie cupcake. The cakes are just like the real deal – soft and smell of vanilla. The old kind was solid as a rock. I know for sure they are made in-house now not sure if the previous version was outsourced or they just overhauled the recipe…either way Ed loves them!


7 Responses

  1. Happy Blogaversary!!!!

  2. Dear BAFoodie.

    How often does one get a chance to review YOUR cooking? I thoroughly enjoyed the “fast” version of coq au vin. The wine was superb and the company unbeatable. Thank you for having me over.

    Cheers!! Stu

  3. Stu – you have an open invitation!

  4. Happy three years of blogging! Love the dog photograph.

  5. Happy 3rdaversary! But for me it’s been a mere 3 minute versary during a cupcake search – go sprinkles :-)) This blog cracks me up and you are now so bookmarked. Thanks for the joy you put into this. It’s informative and entertaining. Just finding it has brought me a smile and will be bringing me to new food adventures. Yay you! (and yours) P.S. I never thought of myself as having a bucket list, but this makes me re-think the foodie version, Hummm.

  6. Wow…that’s the nicest comment I’ve ever received. Thanks for reading sagecoach!

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