AeroGarden: the lettuce edition


week 4

week 1

week 1

Check it out! A lettuce patch…I was skeptical but it worked. It took about 3 weeks to see any progress but now it’s taken over the kitchen (seriously…it’s out of control!). Once you harvest the lettuce it doesn’t look like it will continue growing but it produces a gigantic amount the first round. Unlike greens you pull from the fridge the leaves are not cold and crisp but are still surprisingly flavorful. I have grabbed a handful and tossed it with some evoo, balsamic, & salt/pepper and it was wonderful. Get your AeroGarden here.

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UPDATE: If you don’t cut the stalks you may get some additional growth.


Have you seen this gadget on a late night infomercial? Well, my dad did. He gave this to Mike and I for our wedding anniversary this year. The unit uses aeroponic technology which is

a dirt-free growing method where plant roots are suspended in air within a 100% humidity, highly-oxygenated growing chamber. Because the roots are bathed with ideal levels of nutrients, water and oxygen, plants grow significantly faster, are healthier and have a higher nutrient content than plants grown in soil

When we put the contraption together we had many doubts that it would actually work. But take a look, it is going bananas! Now, it didn’t happen overnight. It takes 3-4 weeks until you get something worth eating and the manual says it will continue to grow for 4 months. Our version came with the gourmet herb seed kit which includes basil, thyme, mint, chives, parsley and dill. At the 6 week mark the only herb that hasn’t really made much progress are the chives. The only negative to this appliance is that it has fluorescent bulbs that need to turn on for 16 hours a day and they are so bright that they light up your entire house if it’s dark. It’s like a built in security system. Other than that we love our indoor garden. It’s so nice to be able to grab the herbs and immediately start cooking since they are clean and bug free. Once the herbs are gone we are going to try the salad greens. We will have our own little lettuce patch. Get yours today!

Weeks 1-6 below (click image to enlarge)

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