Cocola Bakery

You may have passed by the Cocola Bakery in Santana Row and drooled over the delectable pastries, tarts and cakes on display.¬†Many don’t know this,¬†but they also sell a handful of specialty sandwiches. My favorite being the turkey breast with cranberry sauce and brie cheese on a fresh baked baguette. It reminds me of Thanksgiving. It’s a bit on the pricey side at $9.90 but a nice treat every once in a while. For a more affordable bite try the ham and cheese croissants. They also¬†have¬†great beverages…on cold mornings I will sometimes pick up a banana hot chocolate. Really good stuff!

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Gimanelli Deli

Whenever I’m in my old stompin’ grounds¬†and I’m craving a turkey sandwich, I stop by Gimanelli’s. It’s a¬†fantastic little Italian deli with a variety of¬†sandwiches, homemade soups, pastas¬†and salads.¬†It is located in downtown Pleasanton and is a little hard to find but is worth the search.¬†Cruise by if¬†you’re in the area around lunchtime.

 Address: 915 Main St. Pleasanton, CA

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