Baileys Shiver

The Baileys Shiver is my new go-to after dinner cocktail on a hot night. I have been a fan of baileys on the rocks since I was a kid (literally). On the rare occasion where my dad would have an alcoholic beverage this was his drink of choice and he would always allow me to have a little sip. Well, my old Baileys has gotten a face-lift known as the Shiver and it is mighty good.

Recipe (quantities are for one serving)

Step 1: Drop 2 large ice cubes into your blender (that’s 2 per person)
Step 2: Add 3 ½ oz. of Baileys per person
Step 3: Blend until completely smooth
Step 4: Pour into your glasses

Tasty Tip: Add a scoop of vanilla froyo to the mix and it’s even better.

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3 Responses

  1. Baileys Irish Cream is my wife’s and my favorite after-dinner drink. Your variation sounds great and is on our list to try this weekend.


  2. Actually, my husband prefers a snifter of cognac after dinner. I still allow him this, but have nixed those stinky cigarillos he used to smoke.

    I did make myself up a small blender of “Bailey’s Shiver” on Sunday and I agree entirely that it is “Mighty good!” I topped my second glass with some Cool Whip and that was “MIGHTY GOOD!” LOL

    This idea ia a keeper, THANKS


  3. Glad to hear everyone is getting their shiver on!

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