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Gilroy Outlets

Mike hates going to the Gilroy outlets. About once a year I can convince him to go with me. Last Sunday (9/7/08) was that lucky day. Usually I have about 5 clothing stores that I like to check out and then we leave. This time we got sidetracked at the Le Creuset and Calphalon kitchen stores. I don’t know when they opened but I’m so glad they did. Mike instantly fell in love with these two stores. The prices were amazing! They had discounts on top of discounts. We must have caught the tail end of the Labor day sales. For example Mike purchased a cast iron grill skillet at Le Creuset for $49.99 (Outlet price $92.93). Then we picked up a pasta insert for our Calphalon stock pot for $37.50 (original MSRP $74/Outlet price $62.50). If you’re in need of some pots and pans you have to head over to the outlets, you may want to call ahead to make sure they are having a sale.

Note: Since these are outlets some items could have minor imperfections so inspect your goods before purchase.



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