Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

Zachary’s has won over 100 best pizza awards. That’s what brought Mike and I in for lunch. There claim to fame is a Chicago style deep dish pizza. I love pizza. I could honestly eat it every day without issue. When we arrived at the cutely decorated small pizza joint on a Sunday afternoon it was pretty packed, but we were still seated immediately. We ordered the special and 35 minutes later our meal arrived (the wait was LONG but normal for a deep pizza). Now, I had eaten a real deep dish pizza in Chicago so I had some expectations. Here are my reactions…
chitownpizza1. The pizza wasn’t very deep. I mean I ate 2 slices and wasn’t full. That wouldn’t happen in Chi- town.
2. The sauce was really saucy. I recall it being more chunky and zesty in flavor. I know we ordered a pie with sausage,onions & peppers but all I could taste was tomato sauce.
My overall feeling was that the pizza was a interesting change to the normal thin crust variety but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again. If you’re in the area give it a try.


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