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A visit to Nick’s on Main in downtown Los Gatos was waaaay overdue. Mike and I had heard rave reviews about Nick’s American bistro for months. To celebrate a year of blogging and pigging out we decided to make a reservation. Nick’s has a very cozy atmosphere. Be prepared to get to know your neighbors as the tables are positioned within inches of each other. We lucked out and snagged an end table away from the front door (which can be freezing in the winter).

We started the evening out with my favorite appetizer — Mussels! Nick’s mussels come swimming in a spicy Thai broth with a side of crispy fries. There was a lot of bread and fry dippin’ going on. It was a nice alternative to the usual garlic and wine variety. For a main course I chose the sea bass with white beans, chard and butter sauce. Mike had the salmon with purple potatoes and an artichoke broth. Both dishes were cooked perfectly and the flavors fantastic. Nick makes a point to personally visit all tables to make sure his patrons are happy which makes you feel like part of the family. When he came by to see us he asked if Mike needed a spoon to slurp up all his brothy goodness.

The meal did not end here. As usual we had to get two desserts and coffee — banana bread pudding and a lemon tart. To me dessert is just as important as the main course. It’s very disappointing to end a meal on a bad note. Fortunately the desserts were grand and the coffee french pressed. Nick’s hit a home run and is a great addition to LG.

Tasty tip: Make a reservation. I lost count of the number of people who attempted to walk-in and get a table on a Saturday night. It’s just not happening!

Rating: drumstick ratingdrumstick ratingdrumstick ratingdrumstick rating


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