Casa De Cobre


casadecobresignFinally a Mexican restaurant in the Saratoga Village. The town is slowly getting revitalized. The owner of “The Basin” recently opened Casa de Cobre in the old Gervais location. The interior has gotten a Latin makeover with copper/turquoise painted walls and handmade tables and chairs (Cute — but I give these things 6 months before they need to be replaced). You won’t find the usual burritos and fajitas here but much lighter unique and flavorful dishes similar to Consuelo’s at Santana Row. Mike and I decided to try a bunch of appetizers. We started off with the guacamole and chips. Everything was made to order and tasted ultra fresh. Next up taquitos. They have 7 varieties. We went with braised bacon!, Chivo (goat), Al pastor (pork with pineapple) and Camarones (shrimp). All were delicious but my favorite was hands down the shrimp (I know….better than bacon). Mike enjoyed the goat best. Then came the black bean flautas and Quesa de hongos (mushroom quesadilla). I’m giving you all the Spanish terminology because that is the way the menu reads. Be prepared to need translation unless you know Spanish. By this point we were pushing maximum capacity but of course had to try dessert. Jiricaya, a cinnamon flan/creme brulee creation arrived and was quickly devoured.

Mike and I decided this is now our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. The prices are reasonable and you can leave without breaking the bank as long as you stay away from the tasty $9 margaritas.  Next visit we are actually gonna try a main course. Welcome Casa de Cobre!



Tasty Tip: you may want to avoid coming on the weekends until all the kinks are worked out and the novelty of a new establishment has worn off –our server said the Saturday before was super busy and the kitchen was slammed.

Rating: drumstick ratingdrumstick ratingdrumstick ratinghalfdrumstick



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  1. I just made my third trip there last night. I noticed a change in the taste of some of the dishes. The carnitas, bean salad, and chicken soup had lost some of their flavor. I was there with 4 other people who have been there before, we all noticed the blandness of some of the dishes. When we inquired about the change, we were told that they had a new chef. Too bad, this was my favorite Mexican restaurant.

  2. Hmmm…a new chef already… We will have to try again and see how things have changed…

  3. Mike and I went back last weekend and the food was still very good. We tried some new dishes…the shrimp with rice was tasty but s-p-i-c-y! and the suckling pig with beans was awesome.

  4. I’ve been going to Casa de Cobre since they opened as well as Andrews other masterpiece, The Basin, for years. I can assure you that the chief at Casa de Cobre has not changed. It’s is still the great Marcelino Hernandez Perez, the same chief who was dreaming up all the wonderful dishes before Casa opened in early 2009. Feel free to meet him next time you dine at Casa. Just ask your server and if he’s there you’ll see a true artisan at work.

  5. We are making our way through the menu… some new delish dishes we’ve tried include:
    pollo santa clara – crispy chicken with avacado
    crab enchiladas – yummy sweet tomato cream sauce
    fish Cioppino stew – light with white wine and tons of fish
    pork chop special – giant flavorful chop
    pollo enchiladas – nice light dish

    THEY HAVE A DESSERT MENU NOW! The churros and the benuelos are killer.

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