Tartine Bakery

The morning after my Gary Danko birthday meal we headed to Tartine for a quick bite before heading back to San Jose. We were unfamiliar with this part of town so we were not sure of the location but as soon as we saw the line we figured we had found it. It’s much smaller than I expected.

We ended up getting the apple bread pudding and the Croque monsieur which was cheesy, hammy, tomatoey goodness on top of a thick, crusty, scrumptious slice of bread. The pudding was just ok… the Croque was delish.

I wish we had a bigger appetite. I gotta come back to try the huge morning buns and the croissants.

Warning: the cute carrots that came with the Croque were hot & spicy!

Website: http://www.tartinebakery.com/

Tartine Bakery on Urbanspoon


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