Espresso Toffee & Chocolate Fudge

Happy holidays everyone! For the first time we decided to make sweet gifts for the family. To our surprise everything turned out perfect. I thought making toffee and fudge were recipes for disaster but they were really easy to prepare. Add some tins from the dollar store and you have a very festive gift.

Tip: after smoothing out the chocolate on top of the toffee don’t just toss it in the fridge. Let it sit for like 10 minutes to make sure all the chips melt completely. We didn’t, which just meant when we broke it up there were some chips still in tact. No biggie.

This fudge was made with mostly milk chocolate so it was not super rich which is my preference.

Toffee recipe link
Fudge recipe link


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  1. i love fudge

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