Psycho Donuts

It’s been months since Psycho donuts opened in Campbell and all the drama surrounding it’s unusual theme seems to have calmed down. When the doors first opened there were numerous claims that the shop was insensitive to the mental health community because they named donuts “bipolar” among other things. We arrived for our first taste of the crazy donuts on it’s one year anniversary and it looks like they tamed their ways by going for a more horror vibe and less medical. As we stepped inside there was a line so we checked out the Tim Burton-like art on the walls and listened to lady gaga blaring on the sound system. We then placed our order with a woman dressed in a 1940’s white nurses uniform. It’s definitely not your typical donut shop.

We ordered:

Nutella the Hun – Chocolate Nutella cake donut covered in sprinkles
Headbanger’s Evil Twin – Cherry jelly filled donut
Cereal Killer – Donut covered in Cap’n Crunchberries (a bit stale)
Banarama – Custard filled donut with chocolate glaze and dried bananas

My favorite was the Banarama but I always get custard filled so that was not a surprise. The donuts were decent but not good enough to warrant the drive when I have a great little donut shop within walking distance from my home. If you’re in the area and are hankerin’ for a “Moodswing” (peanuts & coconut) stop by.


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5 Responses

  1. I’m sad the one guy had to leave because of all the fuss. Next time try their “Apricotology” which is an awesome apricot fritter, something I think they do better than the strange flavored donuts.

  2. I would love to learn about a *good* donut shop- can I know more about the one close to your home??

  3. The one by my house is an old school shop but I love it because when I go in and they are out of chocolate iced custard filled donuts they go in the back and make me one.

    Manley’s Donut Shop

  4. We will give “Apricotology” a try next time. Mike would probably love it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. yum, Apricotology sounds awesome!!

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