Food & Wine Bucket List

I’m forever seeing and/or reading about things/places I want to go and 99.9% of the time it’s food related but then I forget. So I’ve decided to make a list (in no particular order). This will be updated on a regular basis (hopefully crossing some things off the list as well as adding).

  1. French Laundry – Napa
  2. Manresa – Los Gatos
  3. Go to New Orleans and eat up a storm
  4. Eat pizza in Italy
  5. Drink Guinness in a pub in Ireland
  6. Foreign cinema – SF (brunch/dinner)
  7. Chez Panisse – Berkeley
  8. Meadowood – Napa
  9. Tour France wine country
  10. Benu – SF
  11. Wayfare Tavern -SF
  12. Eat tapas in Spain
  13. Morimoto – Napa
  14. Redd – Napa
  15. Cyrus – Healdsburg
  16. Francis Ford Coppola Winery -Geyserville
  17. Little skillet – SF (fried chicken)
  18. farmerbrown -SF
  19. Bi-rite Creamery -SF
  20. Eat a crepe in Paris
  21. Naglee Park garage – SJ
  22. Humphry Slocombe -SF
  23. Long Meadow Ranch Winery /Farmstead – St Helena
  24. Town Hall – SF
  25. Wine Spectator Greystone – St Helena
  26. Pizzeria Mozza – LA
  27. Bakesale Betty – Oakland
  28.  Tony’s Pizza Napoletana -SF
  29. A16 -SF
  30. Pizzeria Delfina -SF
  31. The American Grill cheese kitchen -SF
  32. Flour+Water -SF
  33. NOPA -SF
  34. Momofuko milk bar -NY
  35. Momofuko noodle bar -NY
  36. Hells Kitchen -LA
  37. Umami burger -SF
  38. Dynamo Donuts -SF (maple bacon)
  39. Frontera Grill – Chicago
  40. The girl & the Goat -Chicago
  41. Joe’s Cable Car -SF
  42. Frances -SF
  43. Fish Story -Napa
  44. Table-52 -Chicago
  45. Una Pizza Napoletana -SF
  46. Scream Sorbet – Oakland
  47. Smitten ice cream -SF
  48. Baked – NY (cupcake,PB banana cream pie,brownie)
  49. BABBO -NY
  50. Lobster in Boston
  51. Zuni cafe- SF
  52. Lobster in Maine

Note: if something is crossed out it means I have completed the item listed and if I have written a post about what occurred the item title will have a link.

List started (in my head): July 1, 2009

Have any suggestions on things I MUST do? Leave a comment!


9 Responses

  1. this is going to cost me!

  2. I’m shocked you haven’t started listing Boston eateries!

  3. They are coming soon!

  4. It’s funny. I have decided to do the same. We must watch the same shows on Food Network. Last Friday night I had dinner at Naglee Park Garage (to see if I could get over my childhood loathing for Brussels Sprouts) and not long ago I had ice cream at Humphry Slocombe! Although I live in San Jose, I was born & grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland so #6 is well taken care of…

  5. Aly, I was addicted to the Food Network…weaning myself off slowly. Just made it to Naglee too.

  6. I wouldn’t waste your time or money going to Brix instead I would recommend going to ZuZu’s in Napa…Spanish Tapas that are absolutely sure and get the apple empanada with carmel lime sauce for dessert!!

  7. Amelia, I have heard good things about ZuZu. I will make it there some day.

  8. Eat raw chicken in Japan
    Eat raw pork in Dresden, Germany (like beef tartar)

    (i know both sound disgusting/unsafe by US food standards, but then keep in mind what US food standards are…………)

  9. I don’t think I’m that adventurous….

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