Momofuku Crack Pie

Everyone under the sun has swooned over the “crack pie” from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. When I saw the recipe in Bon Appetit I thought I better make it since I have no plans to visit NYC in the near future. I gotta say I was a bit worried about the lack of ingredients. All it really called for was butter, eggs, sugar, oats and cream. How could that be a pie? It sounded more like a cookie so I looked around the web to see how other people’s pies turned out. The only thing I found was a bunch of inconsistencies. There are many recipes on the net and none are the same. Baking times & temp to ingredients differ. I think pastry chef Christina Tosi doesn’t really want us all to know how to make her addictive pie! But in the end it turned out fabulous. It smelled and tasted like a gooey buttery caramel oat bar.

Tip: I read that some people complained that the pie was a runny pool of butter. You have to cook it for at least 30 minutes AND let the pie rest 2 hours then sit in the fridge preferably overnight. Don’t be impatient…it’s worth the wait!

Also, the BA recipe said to bake for a total of 50 minutes. I did it for 45 because the online comments said it was a bit overcooked. Next time I’ll probably bake for 35 (25 min on 350° & 10 min on 325°) just for a tad more gooeyness.

Recipe link
Bon Appetit Magazine / September 2010


4 Responses

  1. I’m trying this recipe as we speak, hopefully I will be the belle of the thanksgiving day ball… 🙂

  2. Mmmm crack pie! I hope it turned out good. It was really delish.

  3. I baked mine for a total of 45 mins and it was still ridiculously runny. It had an internal temp of 172 degrees when I took it out of the oven. How do I fix this? The recipe I used had 8 egg yolks. Is that the problem?

  4. Kate- I’m not a master baker so I can’t tell you how the number of eggs you use will effect the final product but you did use double the amount that the BA recipe required. Did you let the pie rest for 2 hours and stay in the fridge overnight before digging in? I think that is the key to avoiding a runny pie. Good luck next time.

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