Mike & Patty’s

if you blink you'll miss this corner store

I had heard that an itty bitty sandwich shop in Boston’s bay village neighborhood serves up some killer breakfast eats so on our way to the Sam Adams brewery tour we stopped by for some morning grub. You don’t want to drink on an empty stomach 😉 !

We ordered 2 sandwiches:
– fancy bacon and egg with cheddar, avocado, red onion and house mayo on toasted multigrain bread
– classic bacon and egg with cheese on an english muffin

We arrived on a Friday around 11am and there was only one person in front of us but it still took at least 20 minutes to get our food. It felt like the dude working the grill was movin’ in slow mo, but I would too because it was like 110 degrees inside the tiny shop. There are a couple stools to sit inside but we chose to sit out on the curb to avoid drippin’ in sweat. If you are in a hurry I’d call your order in.

Both sandos were good but it’s all about the fancy. The spicy chipolte mayo mixed with the cool avocado, salty bacon and oozy egg on toasty bread was a match made in bfast heaven. I will be trying to recreate this at home in the near future!

oh so fancy!

Website: http://www.mikeandpattys.com/

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2 Responses

  1. Hey there. Mike of Mike and Patty’s. So glad you liked the breakfast sandwiches. You’re right, the one on the english muffin is just a basic thing. It’s an organic egg and premium bacon, but it’s really just meant to be simple, like a slightly improved version of something you’d get at Dunkin or McDonalds. Re: the time. I feel I should mention that the number of people ahead of you in line has no bearing whatsoever on how busy we are. Often we have multiple phone orders, or people who place orders in person and then go for a walk or something while they wait. In other words, you could walk into Mike and Patty’s and there could be only a single person in the place, yet the wait is 40 minutes. That said, it sounds like we did not give a proper estimate of the wait. Perhaps we didn’t give you an estimate at all. This can happen. If that’s the case, we’re apologize. We are essentially permanently busy, and our communication sometimes suffers. We are working on improvements. A general rule – don’t come if you can’t tolerate a wail of 30+ minutes. Or call ahead.

  2. Mike,
    Thanks for the comment. Don’t worry about the wait time …it was worth it.

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