Bitter + Sweet Coffee and Dessert Bar

Cool little spot that serves humphry slocombe ice cream and you don’t have to drive to San Fran to get it!!! Nuff said…

You’re Welcome.

2 scoops: Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee & Red Bean Dr. Pepper

Note: they don’t have all flavors just like 4-6. Good coffee too.



Alexander’s Steakhouse

For Mike’s birthday we decided to try Alexander’s Steakhouse. I had read numerous positive reviews despite it’s obscure location next to the dilapidated Vallco mall. Alexander’s is all about the meat so if you’re a vegetarian don’t bother. When you enter you are greeted by beef in large glass display cases. As we took our seats in the dining area we saw that the recession has not effected Cupertino. The place was packed. It was dimly lit, loud and kind of chaotic with servers running around. I was really surprised to see a restaurant where you can order a $200 piece of steak so busy.

While looking over the menu we were given complimentary glasses of bubbly (nice touch) as well as an amuse-bouche: celery root custard with shallot marmalade. Mike enjoyed it, I was glad it was free. For our first course I chose the tomato soup with basil oil and Mike had the caesar salad. The soup was the standout dish. Before the main courses came out we received a pallet cleanser: a small square of passion fruit gelee along side a raspberry and blueberry. A delightful bite.

Finally it was time for the beef — you will find a diverse selection of US, Australian and Japanese. Mike ordered the “Beef three ways” (filet, shortribs, kobe patty melt) and I chose the 6 oz. filet mignon. We shared two side dishes — beets & greens and creamed spinach. I was not impressed with the beets, they lacked seasoning. The spinach on the other hand was downright delish. After taking a taste of my steak I knew why the joint was jumpin’. The filet was seasoned and cooked to perfection and the accompanying sauce was on point. Mike started off with his kobe sando as instructed by the server. He enjoyed the filet the best, but the rest were just so-so. One gripe about the menu was that the majority of the meat entrees ranged from 14 oz.- 2 pounds! Who can eat that much? We wanted to try the featured dry aged cuts but they started at 24 oz. Now that I think about it we should have just shared one.

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