Sprinkles Cupcakes

Growing up I was not into sweets. My mom would have to toss my Halloween candy in December because it was still sitting on the floor of my closet. As I have aged things have changed. I now really enjoy desserts. In 2006 Mike and I were in Beverly Hills and as we were driving down Santa Monica Blvd. looking for a place to eat lunch we saw a line of about 10 people outside a place called Sprinkles. We had no idea what it was but we decided to stop by after lunch. What we found was a tiny storefront with 4 stools a counter and a display of delectable cupcakes. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I had a new found love …cupcakes. My favorite flavors SO FAR include: red velvet,banana & coconut. Note: if you want to make your business look like its always busy design it like Sprinkles (have absolutely no space for customers).

I have also tried cupcakes from “Icing on the cupcake”(Rocklin) & “Kara’s Cupcakes” (SF). Both are good but can’t beat Sprinkles. I really wish they would open a branch in Los Gatos…

Tip: You can buy Sprinkles mix at Williams-Sonoma! It takes a bit of work but they turn out pretty good. Eat them asap or they get hard. If you choose red velvet be advised that your hands will be dyed red.

sprinkles cupcakes


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  1. Hi! I know this is an older post, but we just found it as we did mention Sprinkles in our latest post. (You can check it out at http://queenbeeeatsforaday.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/this-oness-for-you-cupcake/ if you like.)

    You’re so RIGHT about having no space – we’ve been to the one in Newport Beach. Didn’t know we could get the mix, will have to see if they still do that.

    Love the blog, will be digging through your archives soon!


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