Fun Wine

While wandering around the Vintage Wine Merchant store at Santana Row Mike and I noticed a display of wines for under $10. The low price is not what caught our attention it was the labels on two of the bottles. One was called Bitch and the other Pure Evil. As we chuckled we then saw a sign that said Bitch, a Grenache, and Pure Evil, a Chardonnay, received 90 point ratings from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

For that price and rating we purchased a bottle of each. Turns out they didn’t taste half bad. Pick up a bottle or two if you know an Evil Bitch.

Both are produced by R Wines in Australia.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t know the Pure Evil Chard but I have enjoyed the Evil Cab Sav which at a 15$ tag was well worth it. I still have the bottle (one of since I did a few) sitting next to a buddy christ statue (representation of good and evil). I love the upside down logo, nice. Here’s my image:

  2. I gotta try that!

  3. Bitch has become one of my favorite wines in that price bracket. it is so tasty and pairs well with so much. i try to always have a bottle or two on hand.

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