Chicken 2 ways – Baked and Braised

Everyone is always looking for new methods to prepare chicken. I challenged Mike to whip up the bird in ways he hadn’t made before. Here are the results:

Meal #1 → Baked Chicken Breasts with Tomatoes, Smoked bacon, and Madeira. This originally called for ham but things are always better with bacon! Served over buttery rice this was delicious. Smokey, salty, sweet — a great treat. Trust me…it tasted a lot better than that photo looks. I was too hungry to make this look pretty.

Meal #2 → Braised Chicken Cacciatore with Polenta. Mike used chicken thighs for this. The meat fell right off the bone and was tender and moist. This was actually better after time. Cook a day ahead and watch the flavors meld. Both dishes will be added to our chicken rotation. You can find the recipes in the Joy of Cooking: All about Chicken cookbook. This book is packed with poultry!


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