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I found out about Alexis Baking Company from a Napa local. It’s known for having awesome breakfast and baked goods. As soon as I heard they serve eggs benedict it was put on my list of things to do. We arrived early on a Sunday morning and the joint was jumpin’. If you’re from the South Bay this place has a Sweet Pea’s vibe but is double the size (thank goodness). We grabbed the last table and placed our order with our hip waitress dressed in all black. No need to say what I ordered. Mike chose the creme brulee french toast with huckleberries (I know, sounds sooo good!). We sipped on some really great coffee as we eagerly waited for our food. We were both pretty famished after our horrible Go Fish dinner the night before. Our meals arrived and they looked too scrumptious to eat but we quickly dug in. Mike’s french toast was sweet, nutty, creamy and rich. A mouthful of decadence. Now on to the important stuff, the benedict…

OK everybody, this was the best icon_censored eggs benedict I have had in my life. Everything was insanely fresh right down to the homemade english muffins. The ham was caramelized, the hollandaise light and flavorful and the home fries (NOT HASH BROWNS) were made out of red potatoes!!! I thought I had died and gone to breakfast heaven. The portion was large enough to make me sick but I couldn’t bare to let a single morsel be thrown away. I was in a food coma the entire ride home to San Jose.

The best Benedict in the world!

The best benedict in the world!

From this day forward I will never venture to Napa without getting my ABC fix. What a find! You can always trust a local…

Tasty Tip: The english muffins were so amazing Mike wanted to take some home but unfortunately you have to order them a day in advance. Note to self: call ahead next trip!

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  1. If you haven’t gone already you need to try Model Bakery’s english muffins..the bakery is in St.Helena, CA. They are the most amazing english muffins ever!!! They were even featured on the show “the best thing I ever ate”, Michael Chiarello was the one to mention them.

  2. Amelia,
    I just watched that episode. Next trip to Napa I’m getting me an english muffin or two… Thanks for the tip!

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