Grandma’s Coffee House, Kula Hawaii

Not to be confused with Mama’s …Grandma’s is a tiny rural coffee shop in Kula where you can get a mean breakfast and sensational baked goods. We rolled out of bed early to go try the the highly regarded eggs benedict. This turned out to be one of my top 5 benedicts…it comes on a cornmeal waffle w/ lemon hollandaise and home fries with a kick! Super delicious. I’m still kinda bummed that I shared it with my sister. Mike had an omelet with basil, tomato & feta and my bro-in-law feasted on something I think was called the bullseye which was a spam, rice & egg concoction. I also¬†devoured¬†a slice of banana cake and a coconut¬†pineapple¬†bar (don’t judge). Arrive early with a pile of CASH and enjoy!



Joanie’s Cafe

We decided to try a bfast joint in Palo Alto on our way to IKEA. I looked on Yelp for a highly rated place. When we arrived at Joanie’s there was a line. When we left, there was a line. I guess there were a lot of 4+ person parties because we were seated immediately. The cafe is cute and clean. I ordered the benedict and Mike the bacon, tomato, spinach, & feta omelettte. My benedict was just ok. The sauce was not very flavorful. I couldn’t taste it when I had a mouthful of egg and ham along with it. Disappointing because it looked so good and the potatoes were some of the best I’ve had (lots of peppers and onions). Mike really enjoyed his eggs and fruit but I don’t think we will go out of our way to return (it is 25 minutes from our home).


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The current standings of the benedicts of the Bay: Continue reading

Alexis Baking Company


I found out about Alexis Baking Company from a Napa local. It’s known for having awesome breakfast and baked goods. As soon as I heard they serve eggs benedict it was put on my list of things to do. We arrived early on a Sunday morning and the joint was jumpin’. If you’re from the South Bay this place has a Sweet Pea’s vibe but is double the size (thank goodness). We grabbed the last table and placed our order with our hip waitress dressed in all black. No need to say what I ordered. Mike chose the creme brulee french toast with huckleberries (I know, sounds sooo good!). We sipped on some really great coffee as we eagerly waited for our food. We were both pretty famished after our horrible Go Fish dinner the night before. Our meals arrived and they looked too scrumptious to eat but we quickly dug in. Mike’s french toast was sweet, nutty, creamy and rich. A mouthful of decadence. Now on to the important stuff, the benedict…

OK everybody, this was the best icon_censored eggs benedict I have had in my life. Everything was insanely fresh right down to the homemade english muffins. The ham was caramelized, the hollandaise light and flavorful and the home fries (NOT HASH BROWNS) were made out of red potatoes!!! I thought I had died and gone to breakfast heaven. The portion was large enough to make me sick but I couldn’t bare to let a single morsel be thrown away. I was in a food coma the entire ride home to San Jose.

The best Benedict in the world!

The best benedict in the world!

From this day forward I will never venture to Napa without getting my ABC fix. What a find! You can always trust a local…

Tasty Tip: The english muffins were so amazing Mike wanted to take some home but unfortunately you have to order them a day in advance. Note to self: call ahead next trip!

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Gilley’s Coffee Shoppe

The hunt for the best benedict of the Bay continues… Next stop, Gilley’s, another small diner located in the heart of downtown Los Gatos. Mike and I popped in one Tuesday morning to get some grub. I, of course, ordered the Eggs Benedict. Mike had the French scramble which was scrambled eggs mixed with a herb cheese spread and bacon bits. When the dishes arrived they looked unappetizing. The portion size for the scramble was very small. Mike was lucky if he got two eggs. His toast was stale and his coffee burnt. An all around bad breakfast. Surprisingly my benedict tasted better than it looked. The ham and muffin were cooked nicely but the eggs were a tad overcooked, and the hollandaise tasted like light foamy butter. Interesting take on my favorite morning entree. Then came the hashbrowns which were hard, dry and tasteless. As Mike paid he watched the cook slice open a COSTCO size bag of hashbrowns and dump them on the griddle. If you’re looking for fresh ingredients — look elsewhere. We went in with high hopes for a great meal and left disappointed.

The current standings of the benedicts of the Bay:

1. Lou’s Coffee Shop (Los Gatos)
2. The Diner of Los Gatos (Los Gatos)
3. The Southern Kitchen (Los Gatos)
4. The Los Gatos Cafe (Los Gatos)
5. Bill’s Cafe (Willow Glen)
6. Gilley’s Coffee Shoppe (Los Gatos)
7. Sweet Pea’s (Los Gatos)

Address: 47 N. Santa Cruz Avenue

Eggs Benedict

I finally attempted to make Eggs Benedict at home. I have been traveling to all kinds of breakfast cafes trying to find the Best Benedict of the Bay when I thought “Hey, I can do this.” So I decided on a ham AND bacon benedict smothered in, of course, B√©arnaise. For a first try at pouched eggs I was pretty impressed with the creation Mike and I concocted. Our eggs were a little less runny than I would have liked but other than that it was pure heaven. Now all I need to do is work up a mean potato side dish and I could be in the running.

Lou’s Coffee Shop

Last weekend it was again time to get my benedict on so Mike and I ventured out at 8:30am to Lou’s coffee shop in Los Gatos. When we arrived to the old school diner it was surprisingly empty. Usually in LG you have to be up at the crack of dawn to get seated in any bfast joint. By 9:15am the place was fairly full.

You know what I ordered and Mike chose one of the specials: coconut and banana waffle with¬†macadamia nuts and raspberry syrup. He must of enjoyed it because thinking back he didn’t even offer me a bite. He devoured the whole thing. My eggs benedict was perfection. Ladies and gents, Lou’s has just bounced to the top of my benedict list. The best part was the sauce. It didn’t taste like a hollandaise but a bearnaise!! I freaking love bearnaise!! Although you can’t see it, the ham was also delicious. The cook had thrown it on the griddle so it had some crusty carmelization. Hands down #1.

The current standings of the benedicts of the Bay:
1. Lou’s Coffee Shop (Los Gatos)
2. The Diner of Los Gatos (Los Gatos)
3. The Southern Kitchen (Los Gatos)
4. The Los Gatos Cafe (Los Gatos)
5. Bill’s Cafe (Willow Glen)
6. Sweet Pea’s (Los Gatos)

FYI- I read a newspaper article from 1998 that said Lou’s and the Diner were owned by the same family. I don’t know if that is still true but they both¬†have mastered the benedict!

Address: 15691 Los Gatos Blvd

Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos

Have you ever seen the mob of people on a Saturday or Sunday morning on the corner of Main & Maple in LG?

Well, they are waiting for a table at the Southern Kitchen, another small diner in Los Gatos. I had to venture in to see what all the fuss was about.

I of course had the eggs benedict. Only seemed right. I also got a side of grits since I rarely see grits on a menu. The grits were nothing like grandma used to make. They were thick and creamy with a mashed potato like consistency. All in all good food, friendly staff and great coffee. I’ll be back.

Address: 27 E Main St

Current ranking of the benedicts of the Bay:

1. The Diner of Los Gatos (Los Gatos)
2. The Southern Kitchen (Los Gatos)
3. The Los Gatos Cafe (Los Gatos)
4. Bill’s Cafe (Willow Glen)
5. Sweet Pea’s (Los Gatos)

Other places I plan to visit to get my benedict on…

  • Gilley’s Coffee Shoppe (Los Gatos)
  • Lou’s (Los Gatos)
  • Little Amsterdam (Saratoga)

Any other recommendations? Leave a comment!

The Los Gatos Cafe

I had heard that the Los Gatos Cafe was one of the best breakfast joints in the area. We finally made it over last weekend. It is located on the end of the main drag in LG near highway 9. You probably¬†would never notice it unless you were looking for it. It is a diner with very modest decor. Could use a bit of a makeover. When we arrived at 8:30am we were promptly seated and the place was almost filled to capacity. The Los Gatos¬†CafeI ordered the eggs benedict and a slice of the Kahlua pound cake. About 6 months ago I strayed away from my typical bfast order of a denver¬†omelet and began seeking out benedicts. Why?? I have no idea. This one was good… not the best. Better than Bill’s Cafe¬†and Sweet Pea’s but not better than THE Diner down the street. They are still the reigning champs (yummy hollandaise). My eggs came with a side of potatoes. They were a blazing yellow color so I’m guessing they¬†were saffron. They had a nice crispy top. Not bad but I prefer home fries. Mike¬†had the french apple pancakes which ended up being mounds of apples wrapped in thin crepes. He said he enjoyed them. The best part of the meal was the pound cake! WOW! It was fantastic. Unlike typical pound cake which can be heavy and dry this was light and super moist. I love my baked goods. Anyways, the menu has a huge selection of omelets, benedicts as well as pancakes, waffles and french toast. We will be back to sample a few more of their dishes.

Tips: Cash only. Open from 6-3pm daily. Get there before 9am and be seated quickly, arrive later and plan to wait.

Address: 340 N. Santa Cruz Ave

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