Joanie’s Cafe

We decided to try a bfast joint in Palo Alto on our way to IKEA. I looked on Yelp for a highly rated place. When we arrived at Joanie’s there was a line. When we left, there was a line. I guess there were a lot of 4+ person parties because we were seated immediately. The cafe is cute and clean. I ordered the benedict and Mike the bacon, tomato, spinach, & feta omelettte. My benedict was just ok. The sauce was not very flavorful. I couldn’t taste it when I had a mouthful of egg and ham along with it. Disappointing because it looked so good and the potatoes were some of the best I’ve had (lots of peppers and onions). Mike really enjoyed his eggs and fruit but I don’t think we will go out of our way to return (it is 25 minutes from our home).


Joanie's Cafe on Urbanspoon

The current standings of the benedicts of the Bay:

  1. Alexis Baking Company (Napa)
  2. Lou’s Coffee Shop (Los Gatos)
  3. The Diner of Los Gatos (Los Gatos)
  4. Tanglewood (San Jose)
  5. The Grill at Silverado (Napa)
  6. The Southern Kitchen (Los Gatos)
  7. The Los Gatos Cafe (Los Gatos)
  8. Bill’s Cafe (Willow Glen)
  9. Joanie’s cafe (Palo Alto)
  10. Gilley’s Coffee Shoppe (Los Gatos)
  11. Sweet Pea’s (Los Gatos)

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