Top Chef Season 5 DVD Giveaway!


Hey Everybody!

A&E Home Entertainment has sent me a copy of the “TOP CHEF: NEW YORK – Season 5”  DVD collection (which was just released yesterday) to give away to one of my fine readers. Jam-packed with enticing extras including never-before-aired Stew Room footage, extended interviews, cooking demonstrations and more — TOP CHEF: NEW YORK will satisfy the appetite of any fan, foodie or cook.

To win this tasty set all you have to do is leave a comment on this post that answers this question… which cheftestant (any season) would you like to cook you a meal?

As Padma would say “Readers… you have 10 days to enter. Your time starts NOW — Good luck!”

A winner will be chosen at random on October 30. 1 entry per person, US residents only.

5 Responses

  1. Sam Talbot from Season 2. I think about that gingersnap citrus ice cream probably once a week. Starting from when that episode came out. I’ve attempted my own and failed, and I can’t find recipes anywhere. So he should make it for me!

  2. I would want the only female winner of Top Chef, Stephanie to cook me a meal!

  3. I like Kevin Gillespie he makes my kind of food! I love what he cooks!

  4. i love kevin(this season)! He can make anything he wants for me and the beard is cherry on a cake!

  5. And the winner is…..Paulette T! Congrats!

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