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Surfing Goat Dairy

Mike and I headed to Maui to visit my newly relocated sister and her hubby & kids in early December. One of our day trips took us upcountry to Kula where there is a cool goat farm. When we arrived 2 baby goats (boy & girl) were being hand fed. They had just been born a few hours before our arrival. They were super cute. We then headed out on the tour which is a 15-20 min walk around the farm where you hear a bit about the history, see the goats and feed them.

Girls with the Goats

The tour ends with a sampling of about 6 different goat cheeses. I’m not a big fan of goat cheese but this stuff was good and there were like 34 varieties. My favorite was called “Canada” which has goat cheese mixed with cranberries, cinnamon and honey. We ended up bringing some home on the plane along with the Tzatziki flavor. If you have goat cheese at any of the finer restaurants on Maui it’s most likely from the Surfing Goat Dairy. It was a fun adventure.

Here is a little video of the goats in action:

Website: http://www.surfinggoatdairy.com/

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  1. Loved this place when we visited couple of years ago.

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