Billy’s Boston Chowder House

Billy I wanted to fall madly in love with you but I think we are going to just remain friends. I was uber excited to find out that a New England style restaurant had opened less than 10 minutes from my house in Los Gatos. It’s located near Nick’s on Main where the Smoky BBQ joint and 29 Pizza used to be. Yes, this is the 3rd establishment to set up shop in the last 5 years. I hate to say it but I think this spot may be cursed…

Anyways, we came in early last Friday to check out the eats. They’ve only been open for a month so it can get busy with locals wanting to try the new eatery. We started with the fried clams appetizer which was not on the main menu but on a “specials” handout so I’m not sure if they have them all the time. I was very pleased with them although they were served with a tarter sauce and I prefer cocktail so we had to waive someone down to get some.

Mike went with the chowder in a sourdough bowl for his main course which he seemed to enjoy. I only had a spoonful and it was rich, creamy and buttery. Can’t go wrong with that!

For my main I decided to get the lobster roll (surprise) and against my better judgement I had it dressed instead of with just butter. When it arrived it looked great but as I took a bite the lobster had an unpleasant herby flavor and was dry. Also there was lettuce buried underneath the meat which I’m not a fan of, and I did find 3-4 pieces of shell – never a good thing.¬†A plus was that the bun was nice and buttery but I could only finish half.

So overall we will return to try the other offerings (steamed clams, lobster chowder, fish & chips) but I won’t be having a lobster roll. If I’m craving that I’ll head to The Old Port Lobster Shack.

Note: this is not a cheap place to eat but they do have $4.25 pints of Blue Moon which made me happy.




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  1. Just keep coming back to the original and best in the nation (according to the critics: for the BEST New England seafood in the SF bay area. Boston Billy can try to imatate, but won’t come close to the best — Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City and Portola Valley (and soon in Cupertino).

  2. Hello Bayareafoodie,

    Since your early review in October we continued to improve our products from all the great feedback we received from our guests. Yes, the warm buttered lobster roll on our brioche (similar to Neptune’s Oyster in Boston) is the preferred option for many of our customers. The toasted brioche is now much smaller giving more balance to the roll. Customer like the fact that we have more options, such as Hot Dog Roll, or dressed with mayo only. Our original dressed lobster roll; the Fenway Park recipe of fresh tarragon, parsley & lemon zest is a favorite for many but we do realize the mayo only is an important option. Next time you are in the restaurant let me know so i can thank you for you feedback. Sincerely, Billy

  3. Billy,
    Thanks for the comments. Glad to hear you have made some changes based on customer feedback. I returned in December to grab some take-out lobster bisque on a chilly evening and really enjoyed it…very flavorful and not overly thick. Still have to return for some mussels and cioppino.

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