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Chocolate Bouchons


OMG! These are just like the real deal. I didn’t think Chef Keller would put his name on a product of poor quality. He teamed up with Williams- Sonoma to produce the iconic chocolate Bouchon mix and mold. The mix easily made 24 sensational corks.


Tasty tip: If you want big Bouchons fill the molds to the top, if not fill them just a tad under the lip. The mold works great and the little bad boys slide right out.

Bouchon Dog Biscuits

***Belated Thanksgiving video starring Edison***

buchon-biscuitfinalNo way were we gonna pass up getting Edison Foie gras and ketchup dog biscuits from the Bouchon bakery in Napa. The combination sounded utterly disgusting but it’s Thomas Keller. These have to be the ultimate dog treat. As I opened the package I gave the biscuits a sniff and they weren’t half bad so I took a little nibble. I don’t know why, maybe because I have not had Foie gras before and I was curious. Anyhoo, it tasted good. Nothing like duck liver…

As you will see Ed simply loved them.

Bouchon Bakery


If you can believe it we have never been to the Bouchon Bakery. Since it’s located across the street from NapaStyle we decided to stop by and grab some sweets and breakfast for the following morning. It’s a tiny little shop with many french bakery items to choose from. We purchased the following:


Nutter butter, coffee cake, walnut roll, Thomas Keller oreo cookie (TKO), blueberry muffin, chocolate bouchon (not pictured)

Everything was very good and even tasted fresh the next day. My favorite was the blueberry muffin and the TKO. Mike’s was the coffee cake and the Nutter butter. I think this will be a regular stop on future Napa trips.

Website: http://www.bouchonbakery.com/
Bouchon Bakery on Urbanspoon

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