Pizzeria Delfina

Mike had some work to do in the City so I decided to tag along, especially since it was near the Mission, and I have wanted to try Pizzeria Delfina forever. I know I eat a lot of pizza but it is my favorite food so get used to it.

Pizzeria Delfina¬†features six Neapolitan inspired, thin crust pizzas and two daily-changing special pies and a “piatto del giorno” from the oven. The food is Italian in spirit, using local, seasonal ingredients.

This location is super tiny … in order to leave Mike had to ask the table next to us to move over just so he could squeeze between the tables.

This is what we ate:

Insalata Tricolore

Special pasta of the day: Mac & cheese with meaty sauce  (I forget the official name)

Salsiccia Pizza
Housemade fennel sausage, tomato, bell peppers, onions, mozzarella

Everything was delicious and fresh. I could have eaten a vat of that pasta and the pizza had great crust… not overly blistered. For dessert we walked down the street to Bi-rite Creamery.


Website: http://pizzeriadelfina.com/


Humphry Slocombe ice cream

Crazy ice cream flavors in the Mission. We finally made it to Humphry Slocombe. Although it was December and freezing outside I still had to have it. I ordered the “Secret breakfast”¬†(cornflakes & bourbon) which may sound¬†disgusting¬†but was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! Mike opted for the “guinness gingerbread”. As an¬†Irishman¬†just days before Christmas he had no other choice. He liked it… let’s just say I didn’t ask for a 2nd bite but I’ve never been a fan of gingerbread. The ice cream whatever the flavor is super creamy and¬†amazingly fresh.¬†I hope to return in the summer to try other flavors like: blue bottle¬†Vietnamese¬†coffee, cream cheese chocolate chip, government cheese and sweet corn-blackberry.

* don’t worry this was pre-cleanse

Website: http://www.humphryslocombe.com/

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Conduit Restaurant

Conduit [kon-dwit, -doo-it, -dyoo-it, -dit]
‚Äďnoun : a pipe, tube or the like, for conveying water or fluid.

Photo credit: Eater SF

We ended up at Conduit not because we heard rave reviews but because of its location. Mike and I were going to be in the Mission for an event and this was only a few blocks away. We met some friends for dinner¬†with no expectations. As the name states Conduit is filled with many horizontal and vertical copper and bronze pipes. Interesting concept and design.¬†As I scanned the¬†precise menu I noticed it¬†only lists the ingredients for the dishes which requires you to converse with your server to get the full description.¬†Luckily our server¬†was witty and engaging and he did a wonderful job explaining each item. For a starter we order the hamachi special for the table to share. It was refreshing. We then all ordered the beet salad for appetizers which as we all know I love. This version was one of the best I have had. For my main I chose the halibut with artichokes and almonds. The fish was cooked perfectly with a nice seared crust and seasoned well. The almonds gave a wonderful crunch. I accompanied my meal with a kick a** Br√ľndlmayer Riesling. I don’t usually make a fuss about wine but this was amazing. Mike had the game hen¬†with pea ravioli and our friends had the halibut and pork. All the plating was beautiful and the flavors melded perfectly. When it was time to order dessert, to my delight, we were told that all desserts come with a homemade ice cream. We ended up with the chocolate¬†pound cake with espresso chip ice cream¬†and the chocolate creampuffs with, I believe, a tangerine ice cream. I could be wrong about that —¬†regardless,¬†the desserts were out of this world.

I found Conduit to be a very¬†pleasurable experience.¬†Even though¬†we were there for 3 hours¬†I never felt rushed by our waiter.¬†They let you take your time and enjoy your evening. At just six months old this venture¬†possesses fantastic food,¬†staff and prices. I’m sure you will hear more buzz about them in the future. If I lived in the city I would become a regular at this little gem.

Note: My pictures came out horrible so do visit the Conduit website. They have¬†tons¬†of clear photos to peruse. Oh, don’t forget to check out the restroom…I’ll just say it’s different…


Website: http://www.conduitrestaurant.com/

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