Amazing Taste Seasonings


I received a sample box of Amazing Taste Seasoning packs in late December (Thanks Sara!). Mike and I decided to try out the poultry blend first. We’re always looking for easy ways to spice up a chicken breast. The seasonings can be used as a marinade or rub. It was a week night and I was starving so we applied the seasoning to the meat and quickly tossed it on the BBQ. The flavor was nice…kind of a sweet and spicy paprika. What I was most impressed with was the texture it gave the chicken. It was crispy and tasted like it had been baked or lightly fried. A dream come true…fried chicken on the grill without the messy grease!

We served the chicken atop a bed of creamed collard greens. The recipe for the greens was from the Neelys. The happiest couple on the Food Network (overly, if you ask me). It was a tasty union.

amazingtaste amazingchick1

I look forward to trying the many other Amazing Taste varieties. At 99 cents, it’s an inexpensive way to jazz up a meal.



6 Responses

  1. Your dish looks wonderful! We got some of the Amazing Taste seasonings as well and tried one out last night (the Malibu). We mixed a little in with some panko, coated some cod fillets and oven baked it. Was quite tasty! And you can’t beat the price either 🙂


    Sheri (Foodista)

  2. We tried out the Steakhouse blend tonight (as a marinade) on filet mignon and it was awesome.

  3. Hi,
    I used some of the chicken packet in a chicken tortilla soup that I made. It turned out fabulous! I would like to know where to buy more. Can you let me know? I tried to get on your web site and for some reason I was told that your site was not up. I live in the O C area.

  4. Dara – the link to Amazing Seasonings should work now.

  5. I need to know if the amazing taste seasoning packets are gluten free. I have celiac disease and cannnot tolerate any amount of gluten.
    Thanks so much,
    Debbie Sanders

  6. good question debra…i have no idea. best bet is to check out their website.

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