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Pinkberry has arrived in the Bay. All the hoopla in LA about this chilly treat had me intrigued. I went thinking I was for sure going to get the green tea because I love green tea ice cream, but after I tried a sample I changed my mind. It didn’t taste very good so I chose the original flavor. It was the first time that I had frozen yogurt that actually tasted like frozen plain yoplait yogurt. It was good but not earth shattering. I will give them props for giving large servings of froyo for a low price. The toppings… are another story. That’s where they get ya. I got a small with one scoop of fruity pebbles cereal which equated to about a tablespoon which didn’t come close to being enough to satisfy. Mike chose 2 scoops of raspberries and bananas (he is so healthy) and it was still not enough. I’ll probably be back once the weather turns warm to try again.

Verdict:¬† Walk….don’t run…

Tasty Tip: Each and every day there are only 3 flavors of yogurt (original, green tea and pomegranate) so don’t go hoping for anything else.


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  1. you should try Fraiche in Palo Alto, on emerson a block or two from University. Same concept but MUCH better execution – they make their own fresh yogurt daily, so it is full of probiotics and goodies (the pinkberry stuff is made of powder). No cereal but they give you lots of yummy fresh toppings, including shaved dark chocolate, fruit and fruit purees, several types of honey, coconut, graham crackers, brownie pieces, and granola. Plus they have amazing blue bottle coffee ūüôā

  2. I have added this to my list of things to do. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I agree. Pinkberry was nothing special.

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