Our Holiday Feast

Christmas dinner was at our house this year. Here was the menu:

Filet mignon with port sauce and horseradish cream, radish apple and onion salad, sherry vinegar and molasses glazed carrots, potato mushroom gratin and caramel banana bread pudding. It was a meal to remember!





Everything turned out fantastic. I would make any one of these recipes again and again and again…


One Response

  1. MMMMMMM. IT WAS SO GOOD! I really wanted seconds but I had two nagging children. GRRR! And when I left with the bread pudding you packed for me I was thinking I wasnt quite sure becasue I’m not a bread pudding kinda person. I ended up eating the entire plate to myself. I ddin’t share it with anyone. I’ve been craving it ever since christmas day. Chloe enjoyed it all too… she must take after her Auntie!

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